McVicar Archery Tools

McVicar Clout Sightclout sight

This sight clamps onto your existing target sight to temporarily convert your bow into a ‘clout’ shooting bow.

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PRICE: AUD $114.40
($125.84 including GST in Australia)

clout sight animated gif







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Right Hand model


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McVicar String Jig

This tool is a precision, quality jig that will ensure that each string or cable can be made with consistent performance.
Strings and cables can be twisted and served under constant tension.
The basic system caters for string lengths up to 56 inches, and the extender kits are available for lengths up to 110 inches.

The price is not so much a cost as an investment. Typically the price of the jig and materials can be recouped by the time you have made 5 sets of string/cables.



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The McVicar String Jig is modular in design and may be purchased in a form to suit your requirements.
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View the video below for an overview of the jig


McVicar 3rd Axis Tool

This tool ensures a quick and accurate setup of your sight and scope – a must for confident and accurate shooting. 3rd Axis Tool

 For an explanation of the 3 axes that must be adjusted when setting up your bow
to download a User Manual for this tool.

animation here

3rd Axis Tool in action.
NOTE: base plate not supplied

PRICE: $50.00 (Australian dollars)
($55.00 including GST in Australia)

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